Dave Cialone

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Director of IT

Unsurprisingly, Dave Cialone, Synergy’s Chief Information Security Officer, identifies integrity as one of his core values. As a Navy Veteran, Dave is all too familiar with the concept of a threat landscape. In his role as Synergy IT Solutions' CISO, he is addressing potential threats on a daily basis by continually monitoring all of our client’s systems and controls, and constantly evaluating emerging toolsets and technologies to minimize stakeholder risk.

Dave also has a huge commitment to educating the next generation of IT security professionals as a security plus instructor at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology. He is a regular speaker on cybersecurity throughout the Western New York region and is highly respected among his peers as an expert resource on cybersecurity issues.

In the current cybersecurity environment, Dave’s biggest concern is ensuring Synergy’s clients understand potential threats and take actionable steps to minimize their exposure. From his perspective, that starts with effective disaster planning and business continuity preparation. He is a firm believer that staying ahead of bad actors requires both diligence and continuous learning.


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