For over 50 years we've been in the business of providing support to companies in need

Founding - 1971

Ray Hutch launches Western New York Timesharing Service, which provided an innovative service to several regional companies, granting them computer access for operational use.

1982 - Expansion

Western New York Timesharing Service expands to Buffalo, to grow their regional presence; allowing them to serve their customers better while maintaining their roots as a Western New York company.

Systems Consulting - 1987

As technology evolved, so did the company by helping address a new common request from their customers, systems consulting. This new focus on computer systems expertise sparked a new era and a new name: Western New York Computing Systems.

2004 - Synergy

Two of the top technology companies, WNYCS and Synergy joined forces to provide a wide scope of solutions to their customers, and the Synergy Global Solutions name was adopted.

ESOP - 2004

Synergy embarks on its ESOP journey, sharing in the benefits of company success.

2011 - ESOP

Synergy proudly embraced becoming a fully Employee-Owned company. Becoming an ESOP amplified the culture of dedication and commitment to the customers, the community, and their fellow employee-owners.

NOC - 2018

The company launches an innovative Network Operations Center in their Buffalo facility and reintroduces itself as Synergy IT Solutions. This expansion provides modern service desk, network and systems monitoring to companies of all sizes.

2021 - 50th Anniversary

As Synergy celebrates this milestone, they embrace that technology will continue to evolve. Continue to get better, and as they have for the last 50 years, Synergy is dedicated to providing their partners with tomorrow's technology, today.

Acquisition - 2021

Synergy acquires Binary Sharks located in Rochester, NY.

2021 - Acquisition

Synergy acquires The Computing Center located in Ithaca, NY.

Man working with tape decks on a computer in the 1970's
Synergy employees at old headquarters in Rochester on stairs
Western New York Computing Systems logo
Synergy announcement of merging with Western New York Computing Systems
Employee Stock Ownership Program logo
Synergy ribbon cutting for introduction of the Network Operations Center or NOC
Synergy 50 year anniversary logo
Binary Sharks Logo
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