There is nothing more important than giving our kids the tools to flourish at school while also protecting them from potential threats. Synergy can help you choose the right educational technology with the most effective education solutions to facilitate learning in a safe environment.

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Schools Need Tools to Teach Students in All Settings

The educational landscape has become increasingly complex, requiring schools to be adaptable and resilient. This means being prepared to deliver high-quality instruction in any setting, whether it's in a traditional classroom, a remote learning environment, or a hybrid model that combines both.

To achieve this seamless transition and minimize disruptions to student learning, a robust educational technology infrastructure is crucial.

By investing in the right tools and partnering with a reliable managed service provider like Synergy, schools can create a flexible and adaptable learning environment that caters to the needs of all students, regardless of the teaching setting.

How Synergy Can Help

Hardware Procurement

We've been supplying hardware to both k-12 and higher education for decades. Through our partner network, we'll make sure your educators and students have the right learning tools.

Rapid Deployment

You need a reliable partner to make sure you have the  hardware you need when you need it. Our deployment services are comprehensive and painless.

Repair Services

We know how hard students can be on their computers. You can rely on us to be there for warranty management, equipment repair and replacement.

Technology Enablement

We pride ourselves on monitoring the environment for emerging technologies to improve performance. We can help improve your capacity for in-person & remote learning.

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