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The Future of Work

Sometimes opportunities for innovation come from unexpected places. Who could have predicted the seismic shift to distributed teams in a few short years.

As the CEO of Synergy, one of my primary roles is to continually scan the environment for emerging trends and develop strategies to embrace those trends. Over the past year like many of my peers, I have spent a lot of time thinking and reading about the future of work. I particularly appreciated a recent report from Microsoft which discusses the impacts of new work settings on individuals, teams, organizations, and society as a whole. It spurred me to think about how, as an IT solutions company, we can partner with our clients to create flexible and resilient solutions to meet the varying needs for remote, hybrid and on-site teams.

With the launch of our new website, I want to focus attention on two ways we are addressing workplace flexibility and distributed workforces. The first is our approach to unified collaboration. There is no question companies implemented solutions to accommodate remote work during the pandemic. However, it was typically done quickly and with little thought given to long-term strategies to facilitate collaboration and ensure a great customer experience.

As you will see from this recent Gallup poll, the expectation is that 78% of companies will have permanently distributed work settings that are either fully remote or hybrid. When making decisions about embracing a new approach, there is a lot to consider including but not limited to, hardware, information sharing, remote collaboration, cybersecurity, IT support and customer support. That is why we have created our IT Advisors team which is focused on identifying comprehensive solutions and strategies to help companies embrace the future of work.

The second is managing end user assets across a distributed team to ensure all team members have the hardware and solutions they need to excel in their jobs. Attracting the best and brightest minds will not only require flexibility in work location, but will also require companies to provide team members with the right tools for the job.

Synergy recently introduced Asset Lifecycle Management, our all-in-one device as a service solution designed to meet the hardware needs from requisition to responsible recycling. For a monthly per user fee, we will ensure teams have the right equipment and solutions to get the job done. Our rapid deployment service provides just in time delivery of both new and replacement hardware regardless of location. Our monitoring and support ensures end users have immediate support regardless of where or when they are working.

As a CEO, I can attest to the fact that it can be frustrating to project and budget for capital expenditure needs. With Asset Lifecycle Management, clients can shift capital expenditures on equipment to an operating expense. Not only that, Asset Lifecycle Management gives clear visibility into budgeted spend on end user assets, access to a replacement schedule, and the peace of mind knowing assets are up to company standards and fully protected from any security threat.

For those of us who have been around for a while, leading in this new climate comes with its challenges, but I am choosing to focus on the opportunities it presents to transform the way we do business. I look forward to sharing more on our approach to creating flexible work environments throughout the year.

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