Unified Collaboration

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Outdated technology will not meet the needs of your employees and coworkers. With the right tools your organization can rise above the competition, resulting in increased productivity, team morale, and ultimately, profitability.

  • More than 70% of workers prefer flexible work environments  (Microsoft)
  • Since 2019 there has been a 44% rise in the use of collaboration tools (Gartner)
  • Team messaging solutions increase employee retention by more than 4x (inc.)

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Top Benefits of Unified Collaboration

Increased Productivity

The tools available for unified collaboration can help increase collaboration between coworkers, departments, and locations. They help streamline communication, empowering decisions to be made quickly.

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Employee access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time communication for a distributed workforce
  • Centralized document storage preventing duplication of effort

synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy will assess your company's productivity pain points, develop a plan of action, and implement our agreed upon strategy in a timely manner.



Improved Flexibility

Allowing team members to work from anywhere, on various devices, increases their ability to be responsive to your businesses needs. The range of tools available can facilitate adaptability to different work styles and projects. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  1. Increased employee satisfaction and work-life balance
  2. Enhanced ability to attract and retain top talent
  3. Reduced need for physical office space and other overhead costs

synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy's experts will work with your team to evaluate your short and long-term goals and execute a plan in order to fulfill your needs.



Elevated Customer Experience

Going above and beyond a customer's expectations can make the difference between a new or continued relationship, and the end of one. Reliability and expediency drive value to your customers and nurture a higher retention rate.

Top 3 Benefits:

  1. Increased customer loyalty
  2. Improved customer satisfaction
  3. Improved reputation

synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy will take a holistic approach to the customer journey and help identify tools to sustain and improve your customer interactions.



Enhanced Communication Tools

Putting in the effort to be available to customers as well as internally within your organization provides your team ways to communicate with greater success, saving time and resources. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  1. Improved team coordination
  2. Increased employee engagement
  3. Superior information for decision making

synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy's expert advisors will assess your systems and provide recommendations to implement to accomplish a higher level of communication within your organization.



Improved Scalability

In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations need to be able to adapt and grow quickly. With a unified collaboration strategy, your team will be able to grow your systems to meet increasing demand.

Top 3 Benefits:

  1. Limited additional training
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Reduced or eliminated downtime


synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy develops plans with scalability top-of-mind so that our clients are capable of expanding to meet the needs of their customers.



Unified Collaboration For You


Give educators the tools to share insights from one classroom to another, connect with external specialists, and maintain communication with students.

Financial Services

Facilitate cross-team collaboration to solve customer service issues across departments and locations. Create centralized audit trails to ensure regulatory compliance.


Provide caregivers and specialists with an instantaneous global view of health care records to allow for faster diagnosis, treatment, and care management.


Ensure attorneys have access to the data they need from anywhere at anytime. Enable them to conduct remote client consultations, witness depositions, and pre-trial preparations.


Unlock the potential for a smarter, more efficient, and productive manufacturing process, which starts with effective communication and collaboration between distributed teams.

Local Government

Create a secure cloud platform enabling constituents to connect with you real time. Give your employees the technology to solve problems faster, smarter, and more effectively.

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