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Closing the Skills Gap

Current research suggests over the next decade, there will be an immense gap between the skills workers currently have and those they will need to help their employers succeed. A Study by Korn Ferry suggests that in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector alone, U.S. companies will have an unrealized output of more than $162 billion between now and 2030 due to the shortage of skilled labor. At the same time, a recent survey by Deloitte found 70% of employees and 60% of company executives are dissatisfied with the investment in professional development, and only 41% of workers believe they have the skills to thrive.

Of workers believe they have the skills to thrive


Let's Get to Work

Create an Employee Development Culture

Assess Your Skills Gap

The best way to understand where employees need help adopting and maximizing the use of  technology is to conduct a skills assessment. 


  • Determine areas for immediate and long-term employee development
  • Identify current technologies being underutilized 
  • Create a roadmap for education and training

synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy's IT Advisors have the tools and experience to assess your current technological skills gap and provide recommendations on how to narrow it.



Define Your Training Needs

So you have identified areas for development. Now what?  Establish the resources you are prepared to commit to developing your team(s). 


  1. Determine how much time you will commit to employee training.
  2. Create a training budget
  3. Identify who is eligible
synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy's experts can guide your team through the process of building a training program.



Choose Your Approach

There are a multitude of approaches available to build you team's skills. Figure out which ones are right for you and how to you engage your team.


  1. Choose your delivery mechanism - In-person, virtual, hybrid etc.
  2. Pick your method - self-paced, instructor led, on-the-job, etc.
  3. Determine your post-training assessment needs.

synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy can recommend approaches based on the subject matter and content depth.



Create Opportunities to Socialize Learning Experiences

Social engagement has become part of the fabric of our lives. Work-based education and training programs should take advantage by creating opportunities to socialize the learning experience.


  1. Opportunities for team members to share what they learned
  2. Facilitation of online collaboration and learning communities
  3. Encouragement to rate or up-vote training experiences


synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy can help you develop the strategy and structure to provide opportunities for socialization.



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