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Where Are You on Your Cloud Journey?

In today's digital environment, cloud adoption is considered table stakes for maintaining your competitive edge. According to KPMG's Global Tech report 2022, the biggest challenge businesses face in their adoption of digital technologies is lack of capable talent. Synergy's team of experts can help you in developing a cloud migration strategy, assist in building your roadmap, and guide you through the transition process. 

#1 Barrier to Tech Adoption:
Talent Shortage 

Source: KPMG Global Tech Report

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Expected Outcomes of Cloud Adoption

Expand Company-wide data access and analysis

One of the most common uses for cloud-based technology today is data management and sharing. There is simply no comparison between the security, accessibility, and redundancy of cloud-based and on-site storage.

Top 3 benefits of cloud-based storage

  1. Provides access to files from anywhere at anytime
  2. Improves opportunities for cross team collaboration
  3. Eliminates the need for on-site server equipment and capabilities.
synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy will help you develop a cloud adoption strategy to transition existing files to the cloud and best practices in creating and sharing new files.



Drive business growth with improved productivity tools

Increasingly, the day-to-day productivity tools your team uses like Office 365, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are cloud-based, and provide expanded access for your team regardless of where they work.

Top 3 Benefits of Cloud-based productivity tools:

  1. Increased team efficiency and expanded collaboration
  2. Seamless distribution of new solutions and license assignment
  3. Streamlined onboarding of new employees 
synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy helps you identify the right cloud-based productivity tools for your company; procure the necessary licenses and documentation; and provide training and support throughout the implementation process.



Eliminate limitations of an aging infrastructure

The days of onsite servers and data storage infrastructure are quickly coming to an end. We are entering a new era of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) where network resources are being virtualized, increasing the agility of IT teams and solutions.

Top 3 benefits of IaaS:

  1. Reduction in the need for capital expenditures on equipment
  2. Increased systems scalability, flexibility, and resilience
  3. Enhanced systems security and business continuity

Synergy will help you develop a strategy to transition to IaaS; provide engineering expertise during the transition; and train your team how to make the most of your new cloud-based environment.


Enhance customer experience through real time collaboration

We are seeing an explosion of tools designed to help companies collaborate with customers more effectively. Whether that is as simple as a customer facing collaborative environment or providing access to ticketing solutions, the future of high touch customer experiences lives in the cloud.

Top 3 benefits of customer collaboration tools:

  1. Real time monitoring of customer satisfaction
  2. Enhanced opportunities for validation and adaptation
  3. Increased agility
synergy_logo_icon_transparent_72ppi Synergy can assess your current customer interaction tools and recommend cloud-based solutions that provide infinitely more flexibility and efficiency for your team.



Expand resilience in the face of unexpected events

The frequency and adverse impacts of unexpected outages, security breaches, and other malicious activity continues to grow. Cloud solutions can prevent these events from crippling your operations.

Top 3 Benefits of Cloud-based infrastructure

  1. Redundant systems that prevent data loss
  2. Uninterrupted monitoring and automated response to events
  3. Centralized solution deployment

Benefits of Cloud Adoption


Education institutions will continue to face the expectation of in-person and remote learning expectations. Cloud solutions enable dynamic hybrid learning environments.

Financial Services

Financial services companies must manage high expectations for access while ensuring unconditional security requiring the flexibility and resilience cloud solutions provide.


There is no compromise between healthcare data security and access to patient information. Cloud solutions provide ready access and increased security.


The recent evolution of client interactions from in-person to remote settings has changed the way attorneys share information. Cloud solutions give clients confidence their information is safe.


The collaborative nature of manufacturing today requires teams to communicate across multiple sites. Cloud solutions provide easy access for continuous information sharing.

Local Government

Constituents of local governments have very high expectations for information access and regular communication. Cloud solutions can ease the burden on resource challenged teams.

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