Synergy Asset Lifecycle Management

From video streaming to exercise, subscription services are a part of our daily lives. Why shouldn’t your end user assets work the same way? Synergy's asset lifecycle management offers an all-in-one device as a service solution for your end user equipment and software needs. 

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Management Plan

We conduct an assessment and develop an asset management plan to optimize your productivity, efficiency and profitability.

  • Align technology strategy with company goals
  • Budget effectively for hardware replacement
  • Maintain a complete picture of asset inventory


We buy the right products at the right time to meet your IT needs and avoid unnecessary interruptions in business processes.

  • No on-hand inventory or storage facilities necessary
  • Get the right products with the correct configuration
  • Maintain equipment standards and asset tracking


We give your team the right technology at the right time with the right configuration for them to exceed your customer expectations.

  • On-site or remote delivery capable
  • Reduce commitment of internal IT staff
  • On-demand deployment ready
  • Step-by-step guidance


We ensure your users have the support they need, all your assets are up to date, in working order, and free from risk of malicious activity. 

  • Support available whenever your team is working 24/7/365
  • Increased level of systems availability
  • Lower security risk profile

Responsible Disposal

Environmentally-conscious recycling and secure data erasure to minimize environmental impact and protect sensitive information.

  • Equipment is recycled in accordance with current regulations
  • Documented audit trail of data erasure activities for compliance and accountability
  • Transparent reporting on the disposal process


We employ a comprehensive assessment strategy to evaluate your organization's current status and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Development of a customized improvement plan
  • Consideration for budgetary restrictions
  • Measured progress and accountability
  • Open communication


Top Three Reasons Synergy IT Solutions Is the Right Choice


Our world class team has hundreds of years of combined experience. We've seen just about everything and know our stuff!


We are laser focused on measurable increases efficiency, productivity, and systems maximization.


We bring innovative ideas and leading edge solutions to solve today's problems and create tomorrow's opportunities.

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