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Case Study: Ziebart | Mattiacio Group

Case Study: Ziebart | Mattiacio Group

The Challenge:

As part of the worldwide leader in auto detailing, window films, and structural protection, the Mattiacio Group network of Ziebart facilities wasn’t seeing the performance or ROI they needed from their IT system—or from the vendor that sold it to them. Backups were a concern, viruses were commonplace, and support was hit or miss.


The Solution:

After considering trying to do their IT “in-house,” Ziebart ultimately chose to go with Synergy. From full remote monitoring and management, to help desk, on-site hardware support services, and more, Synergy basically functions as Ziebart’s IT department, which allows them to focus on their core business. Beyond supporting their day-to-day needs, Synergy offers Ziebart ongoing consultation for a host of IT-related issues, including business expansion, carrier services selection, and procurement.


The Result:

All of Ziebart’s regional locations are covered by Synergy’s engineering expertise through on-site and remote support 24x7. That not only keeps their business up and running but also makes it much simpler to expand into new areas.


Synergy Solutions Used:

  • Professional Services
  • Managed Backups
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Help Desk
  • Service Assurance

More information on Ziebart:

Is your vehicle fully protected? Check out their site at: https://www.ziebart.com