Lake Shore Savings Bank
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Case Study: Lake Shore Savings Bank

Case Study: Lake Shore Savings Bank

The Challenge:

Lake Shore Savings Bank is a local community bank serving Western New York. Reviewing their disaster recovery plans, it realized that it needed to add resources to ensure that it was adequately prepared should the worst happen. LSSB turned to Synergy, its longstanding IT partner. 


The Solution:

Through the use of virtual systems, Synergy was able to build a robust disaster recovery system that will allow the bank to keep functioning in the event of a natural disaster or other adverse events. 

As part of that effort, Synergy updated the bank’s branch server infrastructure, a potentially challenging task that we were able to accomplish quickly, and without end-users even realizing it was happening. “Through diligent preplanning, Synergy was able to build and image the servers in their lab, saving time and resources,” said Ryan Emmick, Lake Shore’s IT System Administrator. “During the installs, their diligence showed through with no disruptions for our end users.”


The Result:

With Synergy’s solution in place, Lake Shore Savings Bank is ready to continue serving its customers with vital financial services, even in the event of a disaster. “It has been a pleasure working with Synergy over the years. Their knowledgeable staff has always taken the time to ensure each project is completed timely and to the LSSB standards,” added Emmick.


Synergy Solutions Used:

  • Service Assurance
  • Professional Services
  • Virtualization and Storage