hero Cloud Data Storage and Backup

Cloud Data Storage and Backup

Your organization's mission-critical data is one of its most valuable assets. But just how well-protected is it? Having an effective data storage, backup, and disaster recovery strategy is vital for not only maintaining business continuity, but also for your overall competitive advantage.

Synergy’s cloud backup, recovery and storage solutions can provide any type and size of organization with the services and support that best meet its business objectives, starting with knowledgeable engineers who sit down with you to fully understand your existing infrastructure and individual needs. Then they’ll design a custom solution that will deliver a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • Disaster Recovery: Maintaining storage in a secure cloud location ensures that your mission-critical data is protected and can be readily accessed in the event of a local disaster.
  • Data Growth Flexibility: As the amount of data organizations create, gather, and need to maintain continues to grow, so does the infrastructure, costs, and time required for on-site storage. Cloud storage allows fast and easy scaling of capacity as data-retention needs increase.
  • Cost Management: Leveraging the economies of scale of existing cloud data centers provides an equivalent long-term retention capability while reducing the costs associated with internal storage and backup solutions such as tape management and storage.
  • High Data Availability: Employees can back up data to cloud locations from both local and remote locations, and easily access their data from anywhere.
  • Retention Compliance: Cloud solutions can be an excellent option for addressing regulatory compliance requirements relating to long-term data retention.

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